Thursday 2nd July 2015 – A bit cooler today.

I do love the hot weather, don’t get me wrong, but yesterday really was too hot!! Today was much better though. But before I tell you about that, let me tell you about last night. It was very hot, so I decided to leave the door of the chicken house open so the air could circulate. The door to their run was locked so nothing could get in. George sleeps at the back of the house and was woken up just after 4am (before sunrise) by the chicken making lots of noise in their little run. They were very confused as to why they were unable to get out in the big run and made so much noise they woke up George and he could get back to sleep again. I had put some water for them in their little run, but may well put in some food to hopefully keep them quiet in future. I hope they didn’t wake up any of the neighbours!! Today heavy rain and thunder was threatened, but as I’m typing this it’s nearly 3pm and so far we’ve only had a bit of rain this morning. Robbie and I went up the allotment, and planted out some Chop Suey Greens, sowed some more Purple Carrots and picked some strawberries before rain stopped play for us. We had big fat blobs and to start with it was ok and very pleasant, but then it got just a little too hard, so after and hour we packed up, popped to Sainsbury’s and then I took him home. I’m hoping to get into the greenhouse at home later this afternoon, but I’ll tell you what I do later. The sun is now shining, and tomorrow is supposed to be lovely so I can spend as long as I like on my plots tomorrow. Robbie is unable to help tomorrow, but he’s worked very hard this week and I’ve very please with him. Hopefully I see you later and let you know what else I got up to, so TTFN!!

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Wednesday 1st July 2015 – The Hottest July day on record!!

Oh my goodness!! I know they said it was going to be hot, but wow!! It sure was interesting today up the allotment. Robbie came with me agin today, but I said that we’d finish at noon. Staying any longer would have just been stupid!! We took it easy, and spend most of the morning shearing the long grass, weeding, and then watering. Robbie has been such a great help these last few days that we’ve managed to sort out half of plot 1 already and get it looking great.

It's surprising what an extra pair of hands can do.

It’s surprising what an extra pair of hands can do.

We then moved onto the very large fruit bed that I have, and cut the grass round the edges and then started to dig over the soil. We kept on swapping jobs as it was very hot. We also kept stopping to have a drink. I made sure he was wearing his hat at all times, and that before we left he had on sun cream. Occasionally there was a little breeze, but it was a very hot breeze so wasn’t cooling in the slightest. After I’d taken him back home I then had my lunch and then went back down the allotment for another hour (not sure that was a sensible thing to do really!). Just as I pulled in the gate there was a message on the radio saying to stay out of the sun until after 3pm!! Well it was 2pm and I was on the allotment so it was a bit late. I left to come home at 3pm. Once home I got out the kids paddling pool (I’ve had it for about 10 years now and got it from Woolworths), put it together and then put some cold water in it. Because the hose had been sitting in the sun, the first lot of water that came out was really hot. But soon the cold water came through and I sat on a chair with my feet in the lovely cool water. It was bliss!! Later the kids came to join me, and Emily used the washing on the line to shade herself from the sun. Once I’d cooled down I then started potting on some more of my F1 Tomatoes that I’m keeping in the greenhouse at home. My Black Prince and Cherokee Smokey Purple are all now in 6 inch pots. I’ve put more bits in the car to take to the allotment tomorrow, but the weather looks a little iffy, so I’ll have to see when we get to tomorrow what it actually does. As dinner was cooking I again cooled myself in the pool. You may not be able to swim in our pool, but just putting your feet in cools you down beautifully. We reached the dizzying heat of 36 degrees today, which according to my weather app was hotter than where my parents live in Spain, Orlando and LA!! down!!!

And……cool down!!!

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Robot Overlords invade America 3rd July!


For all of you who live in the USA. Check out the cinemas where Robots is showing. Go and see it, it’s BRILLIANT!!

Originally posted on unusually tall stories:

And about bloody time, I’m sure you’ll agree…

The Sentry seems to have acquired a hoodie for the U.S. poster... The Sentry seems to have acquired a hoodie for the U.S. poster…

Yes, ROBOT OVERLORDS will be available for VOD online streaming this week, not least from our digital overlords at Amazon.

It will also be shown in select theatres – sorry theaters! – across the U.S. and what better way to celebrate your nation’s independence than with an alien invasion movie? I mean, it’s not like anyone’s done that before…

Some of these look like beautiful indie cinemas, so do support your local movie house and see Robots on the big screen as it was intended.

Check the theater for screening times…

The Picturehouse
175 Wolfs Ln
Pelham, NY

AMC Woodridge
10000 Woodward Ave
Woodridge, IL

AMC Neshaminy
3900 Rockhill Drive
Bensalem, PA

Texas Theater
231 W. Jefferson Blvd.
Dallas, TX

The Plaza Theatre
1049 Ponce De Leon Ave…

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Robot Overlords – HD download, DVD and Blu-Ray coming soon!


If you’ve not yet seen it, now is your chance.

Originally posted on unusually tall stories:

ROBOT OVERLORDS will be available to own in the UK on Digital HD from July 24th and on DVD & Blu-ray August 10th.

The Digital HD will be available across all platforms: Virgin Media, iTunes, Sky, Blinkbox, Talk Talk, Amazon, Xbox and Google.

The DVD and Blu-Ray are available to pre-order now from Amazon.


The Blu-Ray is also available as a beautiful limited edition Steelbook.

Shiny... Shiny…

All editions feature the same cool extras:

Cast and creator interviews at the MCM London Comic Con (featuring Gillian Anderson, James Tarpey and Craig Johnson)

A Making of…

A VFX special…

The cast reading an extract from the book at Pinewood Studios…

Matt Zo – Robots Never Lie Official Video…

The Comic Con extra is especially brilliant as poor lovestruck James pursues Gillian for an interview throughout the con.

So pre-order your copy now! But don’t just take my word for it…

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Tuesday 30th June 2015 – I had a little helper today.

Oh my what a hot day!! The car said 31 degrees this afternoon and tomorrow is supposed to be even hotter. I had a little helper with me today, well I say little, I think Robbie is even taller than I am. He’s 19 and I know him from bell ringing. He’s on his summer break from college and was looking for something to do. Now I’m not one for turning down help, especially when I have a lot to sort out on my plot. He was with me for just under 4 hours today, helping with tying in the Tomatoes in the greenhouse, then weeding, watering, spreading wood chips and various other jobs. I made sure that he had plenty of drink, sun cream on, a hat and some food before we left his parents house. It was incredibly hot up the allotment today and we did everything at what I would call a sensible pace, but I think I exhausted him. We worked for the first hour and 15 minutes straight without a break, then sat down for 10 minutes and then did a bit more before we sat down for lunch. After lunch I let him loose with the hose to water various beds, as I continued with weeding. There was a little bit of water being sprayed at each other very briefly, but it was very welcome in the heat. Before I took him home, we went to Homebase and got a couple more bags of compost. Robbie was convinced that he would carry the compost, even though I told him the bags were 120 litres each. When he saw the size of each bag he realised that a trolley was very necessary. He helped me carry both bags from the car to our garden, and then it was time to get him back home. I think I exhausted him something chronic, and he should sleep well tonight, although he may have had a nap this afternoon. Thank you Robbie for all your help today. Same again tomorrow?

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Monday 29th June 2015 – A day spent at home.

My neck and back are better, but do still hurt, but I felt that going down to the allotment would not be the most sensible thing to do today, so I decided to stay at home and have fun with my plants here instead. I planted out both my Chives and Parsley in spare spaces in my herb patch.

My parsley growing....and not a lion in sight (only people of a certain age will understand that).

My parsley growing….and not a lion in sight (only people of a certain age will understand that).

When I was planting out the Chives I put the tray a little too close to the chickens run and they tried very hard to peck it through their fencing at it. They did get some, but not much. I think they were a little disappointed that I wasn’t giving it to them. With all the spaces filled in the herb patch I still had some Chives left over, so I planted the rest out in the front garden in little spaces that I had. I also planted out some sunflowers which are all different varieties. Here’s a little tip if you didn’t know, slugs and snails don’t like chives, so if you don’t want to use slug pellets, then you can always surround a plant with chives. It acts as a barrier and our lovable gastropods will stay away.

My Chives filling up some little spaces. They'll come back every year.

My Chives filling up some little spaces. They’ll come back every year.

The herb bed itself is looking really full and wonderful now. It’s so lovely to just pop out to the garden and pick some fresh herbs to use in dinner that night. The flavour is so much richer than the dried herbs you get. I’ll use fresh during the summer and then dried over the winter.

Part of my herb bed at home. It's quite large and the chickens run is in the way to this was the best picture I could get.

Part of my herb bed at home. It’s quite large and the chickens run is in the way to this was the best picture I could get.

Then it was time to get everything ready for the allotment tomorrow. I’ll put it in the car later after dinner, but I have to figure how to put the back seats down first on the new car. I’ve got another staging unit, some Tomatoes to put in it, and various other plants that will need to go out in the allotment soon, but I need to get then down to the allotment greenhouse then I know where they’re supposed to end up. I need to get some more compost to pot up the rest of the tomatoes, so I’ll most probably get that tomorrow and then carry on. I feel I’m making progress which is great.

Oh, and our old car was collected and taken away today. Whoever owns it next, please do look after it. It’s a great car, we loved it very much. I was a little teary as I saw it being driven away. Yes I know it’s just a car, but you get very attached to it, we’ve had it for 6 years and we’ve done a lot together, it’s like a member of the family.

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Sock and Glove and all their friends!!

Way back in 2007 Mark wrote and filmed and I narrated the voices for 4 little short Sock and Glove films for a book called “Sock and Glove” that Orion Group Publishing. Loads of other people were involved as well in the making of these films from those who made the fabulous puppets to the puppets masters, music and my dear old friend Dick Smith whose house is the “Tumbled down house”. What made Mark and I look these up last night I don’t know, but we did, so I thought that I would let you see them. Click on the Episode to view it. I hope you enjoy them. Are you sitting comfortably? Then I’ll begin….“>Episode 1 “Hello”“>Episode 2 “Huffy”“>Episode 3 “Scary!”“>Episode 4 “Wonky”


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