Amazing discounts from Victoriana!!

I received an email from Victoriana Nursery Gardens today and thought I’d share it with you all.

20% off Fruit Trees & Soft Fruits – 10% off Everything Else!

Now is the perfect time for planting Tree Fruits and Soft Fruits – even more so this season considering the awful weather we have had in October and early November. And so as a ‘seasonal something extra’ you can claim 20% off Fruit Trees and Soft Fruits until the 6th December – by example that brings a single apple tree down to just £15.60. To claim this discount use the offer code AUT15 between now and the 6th December when shopping for Fruit Trees and Soft Fruits.

But if it’s not Fruit Trees or Soft Fruits you’re currently after you’ll be pleased to know that AUT15 will also give you 10% off everything else we sell! Just remember though that the code is only valid until the 6th December!

Giving a gift is, by far, one of the easiest ‘cheer ups’ there is (as is receiving!). It can often be difficult to find a gift that is just a little bit different. And so we have put together some really special seed packs that will bring a smile to any recipient’s face – whether they be a novice gardener or a seasoned pro. With packs for children – to budding chefs – to ‘herbal tea nuts’ there really is something for everyone, and definitely something for the person who thought they had everything! The full range of gift packs can be found and purchased from Credit Crunch Gifts

Not only are each of our seed gift packs unique, they are also discounted – making them perfect for those on a tight budget! Starting at under £6.00, even the most expensive of them is under £15.00. And if you order before 6th December AUT15 will give you a further 10% off!

For those who really want to take the hassle out of buying and giving presents, we can deliver direct to the recipient (and even add a gift card with the customer’s personal message for a small extra charge).

So that’s it for now – lets hope the weather holds out so we can all get on at this busy time of year. And don’t forget to follow us on Twitter @Victoriana_NG for daily updates on what we’re up to at Victoriana!

They all look so wonderful and they are such wonderful people at Victoriana as well.

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Can you guess which ones are mine?

Now, you know when you go in the supermarket and all the vegetables and fruit look all so perfect. They’re the same size, shape and colour and there’s not a bad mark on them. What happens to those ones that are not the perfect size, shape and colour? Well the answer is that they get thrown away!! I know it’s just the worst thing in the world. Tonnes and tonnes every year go straight into landfill. All those people starving and we just throw away something that looks just a little bit odd. Whatever they look like, they all taste the same. In fact I have a theory that, the weirder they look the better they taste. That’s my theory and I’m sticking to it. So I’ve taken a couple of photos for you to have a look at. They’re parsnips, and one photo are supermarket ones, and the other photo are my parsnips. To be honest it won’t take a genius to figure out which is which, but have a go.

Exhibit A

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

Exhibit B

Now I know what I prefer. They may not be as pretty and perfect, and they may have a few blemishes on them, but by God they taste so much better!! Come on, let’s bring back the wonky vegetables and the bizarre looking fruits!!

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What did I get up to on 23rd November 2015?

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Monday 23rd November 2015 – You’ll never see parsnips like THAT in the shops.

I was very pleased to be able to return to my allotment again today. I’ve been working for the last 3 weeks so have been unable to go. It’s surprising how much you miss it. Now that work has practically finished for this term, I’m able to return to continue where I left off. So I wrapped up very warm with layers, a woolly hat, scarf and gloves on and off I went. There was still frost on the ground when I left, but that soon went. It was only about 3 degrees and wasn’t going to raise much more today, but the sun was shining so that was a massive bonus. I’ve now harvested all my Pop Corn, so will strip all the outer leaves off and then store the cobs in a frost free place and away from where any mice can get them, for about a month or so. This will dry them out before I flick off all the corn and store it in the house. They’ve done fairly well this year, so that’s good. Much better than the normal Sweet corn, which to be honest was very pants!! I then moved onto harvesting the Celeriac. Now this went in very, very late this year, so I wasn’t expecting great things for it. And I didn’t get great things from it. I ended up with about 5 reasonable sized ones. Never mind you can’t win them all. Then it was on to the Parsnips. These I sowed in March I think, just as it was getting warmer. The germination rate varies year on year, but it’s not how many germinate, it what size they grow to. Now if this is anything to go on, then I’m very happy. The first one I pulled up was what I would call, proper sized, I had a couple of small ones, and then some huge ones.

The first Parsnip of the year. And the only normal shaped one!

The first Parsnip of the year. And the only normal shaped one!

One that looked like an alien, and one that decided to be a bugger to dig up. The reason being, it had decided to do the splits. But all in all a very good harvest. One had Canker, but I’m not worried about that one. I’ll clean them off and then cut them into shapes ready for roasting and then freeze them. Then when I need some I’ll just take them out of the freezer and roast them. After a couple of hours I came home because I was getting hungry and my toes were getting cold. I was wearing 2 pairs of socks, but clearly for my delicate little toes that’s not enough. I’ve got a couple of pieces of glass to replace in the greenhouse on my allotment due to storm Barney last week. I am please to report that the greenhouse stayed put, and just 2 panes blew out. I think with it being so exposed that would pretty good going.

Oh Barney you naught little storm!!

Oh Barney you naught little storm!!

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Claire’s Allotment – Part 265 – All sorts harvested!

Here is my latest video:

When I’m talking about Jerusalem Artichokes, see if you can spot my frog (bottom right of the screen).

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Saturday 7th November 2015 – Manure day on the allotment!!

I’ll apologise now if I ramble on a bit, but I’ve had 2 glasses of wine. When you hear what I’ve done today, I’m sure you’ll understand. Today was “Manure Day” on the allotment, which is very exciting. A HUGE MASSIVE THANK YOU to Malcolm for bringing in 12 loads of manure on site using a tipper truck. How many tons on manure that equates to I really don’t know, but it a lot!! I hope the people we hired the tipper truck from, don’t want it back clean, because that’s not going to happen. The first load arrived at 9am, and the last load at just after 3.30pm. Malcolm worked solidly throughout the day. So Thank You Malcolm, your an absolute star!! I got on site at about 9.30am, for the weekend, that very early for me, I’m usually thinking about getting dressed at that time. I left at noon as I then had a wedding to bell ring for. I arrived at the church wet, messy and to be honest looking a complete mess. I was greeted by a man in a very smart suit who looked very worried by my appearance. I reassured him that I wasn’t anything to do with the wedding party and just a bell ringer (we work very hard you know) and had just come from my allotment. This put him at ease. I would like to reassure you all that I changed into some clean clothes before I started to bell ring. After the wedding had finished myself and our tower Captain Mark had to clamber about the bells and put some muffles on the clappers, because it’s Remembrance Sunday tomorrow. Big Wilf makes it so easy. Once this was done I returned to the allotment site to again assist in the Manure day. To be honest I didn’t have to do much, so spent the time sorting out my plots. I got a huge amount done in 4 hours. Once I got home, just after 4pm, I think I was entitled to a glass (or 2) of wine and a lovely hot bath. Now I feel clean, and more human, if a little spaced out and relaxed. The perfect end to the perfect day. My glass is empty, I’d better fill it up again.

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The great weigh in begins!!

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